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Sharks: Knights of the Sea - A Captain Jon Adventure DVD Join Captain Jon and his two brothers as they travel from the Bahamas to the Island of Guadalupe to find out about Lemon Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks. You'll come face to face with hundreds of sharks, find out what it's like to dive at night with sharks, get inside a shark cage and get bumped by a shark. Plus why is a tiger like a shark? It's a big adventure for the entire family. Grab your hat and let's get started!

Sharks: Knights of the Sea, A Captain Jon Adventure, Great White, Tiger, Lemon

Sharks: Knights of the Sea DVD

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sharks,kids,first,protect ........... is teaming up with the to bring you videos for download to help get the word out about sharks. You can find these videos from at the Apple iTunes music store. Top Five Shark Dive Destinations from

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Shark Dive #2 - Jurassic Shark! Video

Shark Dive #3 - Dancing with sharks Video

Shark Dive #4 - Past the dinner hour (m4v download)

Shark Dive #5 - Bahamas Adventure Video



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